Mohu Metro Antenna in black and white, Mohu Spotlight: Leaf Metro OTA Antenna

Mohu Spotlight: Leaf Metro OTA Antenna

Living in the city affords you the opportunity to appreciate all kinds of entertainment, including free over air broadcast TV in HD with the Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor HDTV Antenna.

For only $24.99 you can acquire all the free broadcast television channels within a 25 mile radius of your area, in both HD and standard definition.

The Leaf Metro was designed with urban cord cutters in mind. Deceptively small, the Leaf Metro has a unique design that fits perfectly into small spaces like apartments and dorm rooms, where it can be easily placed in a window or high on a wall and to pick up free over-the-air TV.

That means that if you live in the Bronx, NY you can get up to 68 channels for free over air using the Leaf Metro. Including major networks: FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS and others, in high definition.

Product Overview

A multi-directional device, the Leaf Metro Mohu antenna is capable of pulling in all your favorite broadcast TV shows from any direction, up to 25 miles away when broadcast in UHF, and up to 10 miles away when broadcast in VHF.

The design of the Mohu Leaf Metro is similar to the larger Leaf 30 and Leaf 50 antennas, but still distinctively its own. Utilizing paper-thin U.S. Military technology, this high tech Mohu antenna is still simple to setup and use.Mohu Leaf Metro TV antenna

The Leaf Metro can be placed with the black or white side facing outward. You can even paint your antenna to match your walls!  Both sides of the antenna pick up channels equally well.

This antenna comes with 10 feet of included coaxial cable (in white) which can be swapped out for a longer or shorter cable if your needs require it. Simply attach one end of the cable to the antenna, and the other end to the ‘Ant In’ connection on the back of your digital ready TV or a digital converter box (used by older TVs to obtain digital TV signals), and scan for channels in your area.

Made in the USA, all Mohu antennas work well with any streaming media device such as a an Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku 3 to give cord cutters a fantastic way to save money and get all the entertainment they want via over air TV and the internet.

Leaf Metro black TV antenna

User Considerations


All over air antennas are subject to fluctuations in weather.  Rain, wind, and snow can affect your reception no matter what antenna you choose.

While this can be a frustrating thing to deal with, especially in severe weather, it’s a rare occurrence and something that can often be overcome by simply moving the antenna and re-scanning for channels.


In an ideal over air antenna scenario, you would live in a flat area with broadcast towers in sight of your location. Since most of us don’t live in that ideal situation, terrain can be a factor with respect to channel reception.

It’s possible to overcome some issues with terrain by using a Mohu Jolt Digital Antenna Amplifier. Adding the Jolt amplifier to your coaxial cable can assist the Leaf Metro in fine tuning its signal reception and clearing up pixelation.


A key factor in over air channel reception is antenna placement at your location.

Placing your Leaf Metro as high as possible is best. In a window, on a shelf, or behind the TV will all work, but you may have to try multiple placements with subsequent channel scans to find just the right placement to obtain all the broadcast channels in your area.




That’s the Mohu Leaf Metro.