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Mohu Graduates From College

College graduation season is here and a Mohu antenna can help new grads save money.  A Mohu antenna provides free over the air (OTA) TV for budget conscious college grads. An estimated 1.6 million students are expected to be part of the class of 2014 and they are saddled with the double whammy of high student loans and a tough job market.

According to CNN, the average student loan is $29,000. This class is going to have to spend and save wisely in order to keep their finances in order. Many of these new grads are what the TV industry calls “cord-nevers.” They use cell phones instead of landlines and watch TV content on computers or tablets. The last time they saw cable TV may have been at their parents’ home or at a bar or restaurant.

There’s no need to start paying for cable now, especially with student loans averaging $29,000.  The average cable bill is $84/month and growing. That works out to $1008 a year which is a serious amount of cash. And if there’s one thing we can sure about—cable TV prices are only going to increase.

So what doesn’t have a monthly fee and also provides great free over the air HDTV content? A Mohu antenna! The new Metro is great for grads who will be living in cities, or within 25 miles of their local TV towers.  It’s small, unobtrusive, and costs $24.99. The Mohu Leaf 30 and Leaf 50 get reception from farther away and are Mohu’s best selling products. Finally, the Mohu Curve provides the same great reception as the Leaf and Metro but is for the grad who wants to improve on their dorm room décor.

As an aside, if you’re a new mom celebrating Mother’s Day, you can expect a college degree to cost more than $300,000 when your baby goes off to school—and that’s if he goes to an in-state public university. Start saving now with a Mohu antenna. You’ll need those extra dollars!