Most Popular Indoor OTA Antenna - Lifehacker, Mohu

Most Popular Indoor OTA Antenna – Lifehacker

We here at Mohu are really proud of our Leaf HDTV antenna. It’s small but mighty and definitely gets the job done at bringing cord cutting consumers fabulous 1080p HDTV right into their living rooms, for free. So while we’ve always known it’s a great product, we’ve been working hard at getting the word out to consumers. You can find out the latest and greatest about Mohu and our products on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

But, back to the Mohu Leaf. While we were busy here making the Leaf in our Raleigh, NC production facility, the folks at were taking nominations from their readers and putting a poll out to the public to get the consumer’s view on the best HDTV indoor antenna.

The Mohu Leaf CRUSHED the competition. 53% of poll respondents named the Leaf the best HDTV antenna. The Clearstream 2 got 15% of the vote followed by the Terk HDTVa with 14% of the votes. Do a little math and you can see that Mohu’s two closest competitors COMBINED received 29% of the votes, way behind Mohu’s 53%.

Why did the Mohu Leaf win? We know it’s a great antenna but let’s have real customers from Lifehacker speak to its many virtues.

“My dad gave me one for Christmas and it was a snap to setup. It takes up minimal space and I have mine attached to the wall behind a curtain, so it doesn’t detract from my decor. It picks up 38 channels!”

“Inconspicuous, delightfully functional without external power and picks up all my local channels. This was going to be my nomination.”

“This is an awesome antenna. Bought my son one when he went off to college.”

If you haven’t already experienced the simple beauty and outstanding functionality of the Mohu Leaf, now is the time to buy a Mohu Leaf Antenna, hook it up to your TV and join thousands of happy cord-cutters.