Cost of Cable TV Goes Way Beyond Monthly Bill

Cable TV costs are more than just the monthly subscription fee you pay to your cable company to gain access to television channels.

Cable TV Boxes Adding To Problem Of Global E-Waste

The problem is a global one. Consumers are hungry for entertainment and new electronics, but what do we do with the old stuff?

Unfortunately, our insatiable desire for newer, faster and more efficient electronics has literally created piles of obsolete electronics that…

Wasteful Cable: Energy Squandered While You Sleep

Cable subscriptions hit your wallet double and you may not realize it. Set-top boxes waste a ton of energy, driving up your electric bill.

Cable Companies Rated by Customer Satisfaction Survey

Just How Bad is the "Best" Cable Company?

You’re tensed up. “Am I ahead of the curve or just skating by?” Nervousness sets in.

“You’ve done a good job this year,” you tell yourself. “But is that enough?”

Imagine your last performance review. Even with rock star-level accomplishments, it’s…

Most Memorable Cordcutting Moments of 2014

Most Memorable Cord Cutting Moments of 2014

With the availability of easy to use digital antennas capable of acquiring  over-the-air free TV signals in HD, and wireless internet streaming media devices for supplementing OTA TV entertainment, cord cutting has truly become a viable option to expensive cable and

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