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The Olympics and an Antenna

Every Olympic Games has its share of drama, controversy and often politics. This year, the Sochi Olympics seems to have more than its fair share–cost overruns, snow (or lack of), the injury-inducing slope style course, etc. But once the games start, with a magical opening ceremony and the Parade of Nations, everything takes a back seat to the games themselves.

True story–I had settled in to watch the opening ceremonies on Friday night when a friend who is a hard-core Netflix viewer called  in a full blown panic because she couldn’t watch the opening ceremonies. She didn’t have an antenna and found out  she couldn’t stream the Sochi Olympics from NBC’s website without a cable subscription. So I unhooked my Mohu Leaf and drove it over to her house so she and her family could watch the opening ceremonies.

And that’s where Mohu’s very patriotic, made in the USA, indoor HDTV antennas come in to save the day (or night). Our TV for Free tool will help you pick the right antenna for you. Hook up a Mohu Leaf or Curve to your TV, do a channel scan, and watch the Olympics over the air in full 1080 glory. NBC is broadcasting the Olympics over the air during the day and at primetime every night until the closing ceremonies on February 23. Order your Mohu antenna today from our website and  you can still watch downhill skiing, snowboarding, hockey, figure skating, bobsledding, and all your other favorite winter sports. And while you may have missed the opening ceremonies, if  you purchase  your indoor HDTV antenna today you’ll have it well before the closing ceremonies.

Twitter and most news and sports websites have Olympic spoilers, such as American Sage Kostenburg winning the first Olympic gold medal in slope style snowboarding while featuring a new trick. But there’s a big difference between reading about it and watching the games unfold on TV. Only on TV can you really get a sense of  the amazing strength, style and bravery of all the Olympic athletes. So if you’ve cut the cord and are relying solely on streaming content for TV, don’t miss out on one of this year’s greatest sports spectacles. Get yourself a Mohu indoor HDTV antenna and join us in chanting “USA, USA, USA.”