Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.

TV Antennas Are Continuing to Grow in Popularity

Over-the-air television has been around for decades, and so have TV antennas. But in recent years, TV antennas have made a comeback as more people drop their expensive cable and satellite subscriptions. It’s no surprise watching TV for free with an OTA antenna is becoming more and more popular.

Growing Number of Antenna Owners are Younger Demographic

A new report shows that 34% of TV viewers are accessing their video content with an OTA antenna. In fact, a good chunk of antenna owners are actually part of the younger generation: the report shows that 40% of antenna owners are ages 18-34 compared to 31% of total TV content viewers.

The report also shows that people spend 19% of their time watching TV via their antenna. Antennas are an easy way of accessing HD live TV:

 “With today’s stronger signals and advances in technology, along with improved design aesthetics, antennas are re-emerging as an inexpensive and practical way of accessing TV content.” -Stephanie Wong, Horowitz Research

Watch Top Shows for Free with an Antenna

Did you know that 94 of the top 100 television programs are available for free over-the-air? Major broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS can all be accessed with an antenna. With recent Pay TV and streaming service price hikes, there’s never been a better time to get an antenna.

You can tune into live sporting events, local news, primetime shows, and more – completely for free! See which channels are available in your area with Mohu’s handy zip code tool.