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Fall Guide to Watching NASCAR on NBC for Free

NASCAR for Free in HD: October and November 2017

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines because we’ve got five fantastic weeks of racing from the world of NASCAR; and the best part is that you don’t need a cable subscription to get a front row seat. Today we’re going to take a look at some upcoming NASCAR races and show you how you can watch them all without cable.

Let’s get started!

October 8

Bank of America 500, 2:00 PM, NBC

Part of the  Monster Energy Cup Series, the Bank of America 500 is a storied race that spans nearly 60 years of tradition. Notable winners of the race include Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and Mark Martin. Interestingly enough, last year’s winner, Jimmie Johnson, also has the honor of most wins at the Bank of America 500 (4).

October 15

Alabama 500, 2:00 PM, NBC

Taking place at the legendary Talladega Superspeedway, the Alabama 500 is nearly as old as the Bank of America 500. Also part of the Monster Energy Cup Series, the Alabama 500 is one of four NASCAR cup series races with restrictor plates and has the distinction of being the most competitive of all the races in all of NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt has the record for most wins at this race, followed by his son Dale Earnhardt JR.

October 21

Kansas Lottery 300, 3:00 PM, NBC

Less storied than our previous races, but still important, the Kansas Lottery 500 is the fourth race out of eight in the Xfinity Series Playoffs. Notable past winners include Joey Logano, Joe Nemechek, and Kasey Kahne. With four wins, Kyle Busch holds the record for most wins at the Kansas Lottery 500.

November 11

Ticket Galaxy 200, 3:30 PM, NBC

Staged at the  Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona, the Ticket Galaxy 500 is the sixth out of eight races in the Xfinity Series Playoffs. Starting out in 1999 as the Outback Steakhouse 200, the race is relatively younger that other races; many of which have been around for multiple decades. The two drivers with the most wins for this race are Carl Edward and Kyle Busch, with four wins each.

November 12

Can-Am 500, 2:30 PM, NBC

This is a good a weekend for racing because one day after the Ticket Galaxy 200 comes the Can-Am 500. Also taking place at the Phoenix International Raceway, the Can-Am 500 is part of the Monster Energy Cup Series and is one of the few races that measures distance in kilometers.

November 19

Ford EcoBoost 400, 2:30 PM, NBC

This is a race that’s bound to cause a little confusion. The day before the Ford EcoBoost 400, there’s going to be the Ford EcoBoost 300; which is a completely different race for a completely different series. The 300 is part of the  Xfinity Series Playoffs, while the 400 (which is the one we’re watching) is final race of the Monster Energy Cup Series. This one’s for all the marbles, so be sure you don’t get it mixed up.

How to Watch NASCAR in October and November Without Cable

The only thing you’ll need to watch NASCAR without cable over the next few months is a simple over-the-air (OTA) Mohu antenna. With it, you’ll be able to pick up all of the major broadcast network in your area; including NBC, which airs every single race we’ve outline. Once you’ve got it set up, you’re good to go. No fees, no subscriptions, just racing; which is how we like it.

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