5 Ways to Get the Best Results from Your Antenna

Looking to improve your antenna’s reception? Check out these tricks on getting the most out of your antenna!

Introducing Blade - Our New HDTV Bar Antenna

Cut through your cable bill with Mohu’s new modern bar antenna, Blade.

Untangle.TV: One Year Later

Over 90,000 people have used Untangle.TV to cut the cord since it was launched one year ago to help people ditch their expensive cable bills.

How to cut the cord with Mohu and Xbox One

Bridging the Gap with Hauppauge

Over the recent years, cord cutting has slowly become more and more of a viable cable TV alternative. Even ten years ago the idea of getting rid of cable seemed more like a sacrifice than an alternative way of consuming media.

KilltheCableBill's Cord Cutting FAQ

Top 5 Cord Cutting FAQ from KilltheCableBill.com

When it comes to running a blog about cord cutting, you tend to get a lot of emails and tweets from people who need your help. Some people are super specific, but the vast majorities of the questions I receive are…

reddit cordcutter success stories

Cord Cutting Success Stories - reddit /r/cordcutters

The cable companies are out beating the drums, trying to tell you it costs more to ditch cable than to keep your cable subscription. We could show you charts, graphs, and other great evidence to prove cord cutting is cheaper, sometimes by a lot, but we decided…

Cutting The Cord: 4 Things I've Discovered - SavvySleuth.com

My life changed for the better a couple of years ago when as a Top 50 Amazon Reviewer I got the chance to review the Mohu Ultimate antenna. I was thrilled with its ease of use and performance, and when I figured out I could enjoy all the major networks including ABC, CBS,…

I've cut the cord, now what?

Top 5 Things I Discovered After Cutting the Cord - CordCuttersNews.com

The only shows I wanted to watch live, I could watch over the air for free.  

When we realized 90% of what we watched was days old fromthe DVR, we asked ourselves, “Why are we paying $110 a month just for TV?” Cable channel shows are freely available on…

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