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There’s No Time Like the Present: Why You Need a TV Antenna Now More Than Ever

Accomplishing items on your To-Do list is certainly easier now than it usually is. With fewer events on your calendar and more time at home, it’s the perfect time to get around to things you just haven’t had the chance to research and complete. You can follow through on long-awaited home improvement projects, dust off a great read from your bookshelf, or finally get around to money-saving items on your list like cutting out cable – a cost that is definitely holding you back!

Cutting the cord might seem like a giant leap of TV faith, but here’s what you stand to gain from switching to over-the-air TV with a Mohu antenna:

Reliability During Uncertainty

  • According to LifeWire, shifts in the weather such as heavy rain and wind can cause signal scattering and obstruct the electromagnetic waves cable and satellite use to get signals. We all know that springtime brings warmer weather, but it also brings storms and windy days that alter cable and satellite TV signals. Our indoor antennas stay in the safety of your home and supply consistent reception of signals and a clear HDTV picture without any weather worries. One less thing to think about during these times of almost constant change.

Sending Relief to Your Wallet

  • Purchasing an antenna is a “one and done” deal. Our antennas are built to last and have a one-year warranty. We do not believe in the land of hidden fees and monthly subscriptions with surprise increases carefully built into the small print. You can save upwards of $200 per month on your bills by no longer paying for cable or satellite.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

  • Streaming services are easy to pair with free OTA TV. All you need is your easy-install Mohu antenna connected to the coaxial cable port on your TV and either a Smart TV or one that is compatible with a streaming media player through a USB/HDMI port. It’s so simple to have the perfect entertainment setup for receiving live TV and watching your favorite Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Apple TV shows.

Are you in? Send out a signal of your own by contacting our support team. We are happy to help you choose the right antenna for your location and answer all your antenna questions!