January/February 2018: Live Sports Schedule

January and February 2018 are full of exciting live sporting events to tune into! Here’s your guide to watching the NFL playoffs, Super Bowl LII, the Winter Olympics, and more for free over-the-air.

Five New Over-the-Air Networks Launched in 2015

A perk to free over-the-air TV is that viewing options keep expanding. Check out these five new networks launched last year.

TV Show Premieres Available Over-the-Air June 2015

In June enjoy free over-the-air TV broadcast in high definition with your Mohu antenna. TV show premieres of new and established dramas, game shows and special events you will not want to miss!


The Whispers (6/1) 10/9c – If you…

2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament - March Madness

2015 NCAA March Madness Tournament Schedule

March is the season that makes every sports fans blush with envy; and if you’re a college basketball fan, you know why. For the uninitiated, March is the holy month when the NCAA men’s basketball tournament takes place. Also known as March Madness, the tournament pits…

3 Reasons Why an HDTV Antenna is the Best Way to Watch Super Bowl XLIX

For the last five years, the Super Bowl has been the most watched sporting event in US history. Last year, when the Seattle Seahawks blew out the Denver Broncos 43-8, over 111 million people tuned in.

Whether it’s for the commercials or the athletic…

2015 NFL Division Championships

4 Ways to Watch the 2015 NFL Division Championship Games Without Cable

What a wonderful week to be a football fan! You had four heart-pounding playoff games on Saturday and Sunday, followed by the NCAAF Championship on Monday, and this coming Sunday are the NFL Division Championship games.

There are only three more weeks until…

Why We Love Broadcast (Over-The-Air) TV

You may not know it, but rabbit ears on your TV are cool again. And our 21st century Mohu antennas are not your father’s rabbit ears. Our HDTV antennas are slick and stylish. The Mohu Leaf can be painted to match your décor, hang quietly on a wall or hide behind a…

Breaking Bad-creator’s new show available via HDTV antenna

Has any show dominated television discussion in 2013 as much as AMC’s Breaking Bad? Sure, Downton Abbey had its prim-and-proper moment, and Netflix’s exclusive seasons of House of Cards and Arrested Development caused much fan-noise. The online mania for Breaking…

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