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Comcast, Cable, and Customer Service

Comcast executives appeared before Congress earlier this week as part of the process to get their merger with Time Warner Cable approved. What does this all have to do with a start-up antenna company in Raleigh, NC? According to the Washington Post, Comcast’s Executive Vice President David Cohen admitted to the Senate that, “It bothers us we have so much trouble delivering high quality of service to customers on a regular basis.” The larger issue is that Comcast doesn’t seem to want to improve, and if it gets enough market power, it won’t have to.

One answer is that for cable TV, consumers have more choices than they think they do. The cord-cutting movement may be small, but it is growing steadily, and growing faster than expected. Cord-cutters meet their content needs via a mixture of  free and paid streaming content, often paired with an antenna to bring in OTA broadcasts. The recent success of Mohu’s Channels on Kickstarter and the incredible engagement we had from the cord-cutting community shows that cord-cutting is real and here to stay. We at Mohu want to hear from customers because without the passion and engagement the cord cutters bring to our company, we wouldn’t be able to provide new and cutting edge products.

Finally, a word about customer support. Mohu knows we have had some hiccups in support. We have a small and dedicated customer support team. But a snowier and icier winter than normal affected our ability to get our products to you as quickly as we would have liked. Staffers on the customer support team were sickened by the flu all at the same time, causing us to only respond via email for a day. This definitely affected our ability to provide excellent support. We are fully staffed now and anticipate that we will answer customers’ questions quickly and accurately.

So here’s the difference–unlike Comcast, Mohu does not take our customers for granted. We value your business, and seek out your comments and feedback. You can reach us via email at, call us at 1-855-446-6648 (M-F, 8-5), comment on our Facebook page, or send us a Tweet (@gomohu). We’re here to stay and would love to hear from you.