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Cord Cutter’s Guide to the 2019 NBA Playoffs

It’s almost time to start the NBA Playoffs, which means you’re looking for the best ways to catch all the action without paying for cable. Luckily, there are some great ways for cord cutters to tune in. Check out your best options below.

What Channels Do You Need to Watch the NBA Playoffs?

The matches might not be set yet, but the channels and game times are. The good news is that every channel that airs a Playoffs game can be found either with a digital antenna or with a streaming service. There is no reason you’d need cable to watch the NBA Playoffs online!

Channels you’ll need include:

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • ESPNews
  • NBA TV

Catch the ABC Playoffs Games with a Digital Antenna

Many games throughout the NBA Playoffs will air on ABC. This includes the Finals, which will be aired in their entirety on this over-the-air network. For cord cutters that you could have a free option to watch all of the games airing on ABC during the Playoffs. In fact, ABC offers games from a variety of sports, throughout the year and an antenna can get them all for you!

Each round will feature games that air on ABC. An antenna gives you a way to watch these games and everything else ABC has to offer. In most cases, an antenna will even give you a better quality since you’re receiving the game in HD format that is uncompressed and without any lag that you might find through various services.

Depending on your location, an antenna can get you all kinds of great channels. The antenna you choose will scan for a certain number of miles and any over-the-air channels will be yours to watch for free. Often this includes channels like PBS, FOX, CBS, and NBC, but others may be available depending on your location. While there seems to be an endless amount of streaming options these days, if you want basic, local channels, your best bet is still going to be a digital antenna.

Watch the NBA Playoffs with Sling TV

Sling TV makes a great option if you’re trying to replace cable. Not only that, but it’s one of the cheapest options in streaming, especially where sports are concerned. Multiple package options are available, but the cheapest way to watch the NBA Playoffs is to get Sling Orange and add-on the Sports Bundle. This gives you all you need to watch the Playoffs for just $30 a month.

Sling Orange includes ESPN and TNT. ESPN3 is also included, which will allow you to watch ABC games. All ESPN and ABC games are also accessible through the Watch ESPN app, which is included with this package. The sports bundle adds in ESPNews, NBA TV, and several other sports channels.

So, for $30 a month, after a free one-week trial, you’ll have over 40 channels, an on-demand library, and access to plenty of TV Everywhere apps like Watch ESPN. You’ll be able to watch the NBA Playoffs with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and more!

YouTube TV is Also a Great Choice for Streaming

In a lot of ways, YouTube TV is a lot like Sling TV. It’s another low-cost way to stream the entire NBA Playoffs series after a free one-week trial. YouTube TV offers over 50 channels in their main lineup for $50 per month. It’s one of the newer streaming services, and as it was created by YouTube, you can expect a smooth transition into live streaming.

The channel lineup is varied but includes all you need for the playoffs. NBA TV, ESPN, and ESPNews are all included. The ABC live stream may be available in your area, it just depends on your location. Even if it’s not available, you can use the Watch ESPN app to watch all ESPN and ABC games live!

To recap, YouTube TV offers 50+ channels including all you need for the NBA Playoffs, an on-demand library, and a cloud-DVR that’s perfect for recording all of the playoffs because it comes with unlimited space! You can stream on most devices, with the exception of Amazon Fire TV devices, which are not available.

If you have any questions about how to watch the NBA Playoffs without cable, just let us know. We’re happy to help if we can!