father and son watching TV

Don’t Forget to Rescan Your Antenna

Has it been a few months since you last rescanned your antenna? It may be time to once again scan for new channels. Recently it was announced that several new over-the-air TV (OTA) networks will be launching in 2019, including the relaunch of Court TV as a free over-the-air TV network in May.

At our Cord Cutter News offices, we gained four over-the-air networks this week including a new dedicated CW channel in HD. Not only do we get a 24/7 news network that launched this week but later this year Court TV returns as a free OTA network.

So, if you haven’t run a channel scan recently it may be time to do it again. Even if you don’t have new channels now, it’s likely that by the end of 2019, more networks will launch in your area.

Take a few minutes every month and rescan for new channels because you never know what you may find. An easy way to check to see if there are any new channels is by visiting Mohu’s channel finder that will let you enter your zip code to see what you should be picking up at your house.

I always suggest rescanning channels every few months because over-the-air TV stations are growing in number. Hopefully, you will be as fortunate as I was and find a few new stations to enjoy.