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When Did You Last Scan for Over-the-Air Channels?

Scanning for channels is something most people do once right after they buy an antenna or move. However, new channels are coming out all the time, with 5 brand-new over-the-air channels released just this year. If you have not rescanned for new channels recently you may be missing out.

New Over-the-Air Channels Mean More Free TV

Since the transition to digital over-the-air television, more than 80 new over-the-air channels have come out. The new digital over-the-air standard and the growing number of Americans who do not pay for cable TV have created a new boom for over-the-air TV.

When a new over-the-air channel comes out where you live you need to go looking for it. New smart TVs scan your antenna to find the channels that have content and saves them, allowing you to skip over channels with nothing but static; however, this also means they hide new channels you may now receive.

When I was writing a post about new over-the-air TV channels I was surprised to find one was available where I lived. After rescanning I found 2 other new stations that had come out in the 3 months since I last scanned.

Refresher on How to Scan Your TV for Over-the-Air Channels

Typically, you can scan for channels in the setting menu on your TV. My LG TV has it under the Channel tab in the settings menu and many TVs may call it Auto Tuning.

Here are a few short guides on who to re-scan for channels on many popular TV models.




If you are still having issues, on the back of your TV there should be a model number. Typing in that model number and channel scan into Google should bring up a description of how to re-scan for channels.

So take a few minutes to rescan for new TV stations. If you find some new stations, post a comment and let us know what you now receive.