Yahoo! Life Names Mohu Arc Pro the Best Overall Digital Antenna

Yahoo! Life Names Mohu Arc Pro the Best Overall Digital Antenna

A new survey says that 50% of people are canceling or cutting back on streaming services as the cost of living continues to rise. As we’re all looking for ways to save money and still watch our favorite broadcast TV shows, this Yahoo! Life article came at the PERFECT time!

Yahoo! Life tested out some of the top digital TV antennas to determine the BEST ways to watch local stations for free. And we’re excited to share that our Mohu Arc Pro Amplified Indoor HDTV antenna was named the “Best Overall Digital Antenna“!

Not only did our Arc Pro produce the strongest signals of any antenna tested, but it was also praised for it’s “genius” design.

“The Mohu Arc Pro is a curved, amplified antenna that’s designed to sit near your TV or perhaps on a windowsill (though it’s wall-mountable as well). Embedded in the front: four LEDs that light up to show signal strength. This is a genius feature, as you can tell almost instantly how the position of the antenna affects reception.”

Our Mohu Sail Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV antenna was also named the “Most Affordable Outdoor Digital Antenna“. If you need something a little more powerful than an indoor antenna look no further! The Sail is designed to be mounted in an attic, exterior wall or roof. The unique design is much more attractive than the wire outdoor antenna your grandparents had on their roof and is CERTAINLY more powerful.