The Wall Street Journal Feature: Stressed by Smart Tech? What's Old is New Again! Mohu Leaf Plus Amplified indoor TV antenna

The Wall Street Journal Feature: Stressed by “Smart Tech”? What’s Old is NEW Again!

Whether they require security updates, WiFi connectivity or voice-enablement, “smart” technology can be overwhelming for many. The Wall Street Journal just posted an article “Stressed by Smart Tech? Consider these ‘Dumb’ Devices”, and honestly, it’s great to see that people are taking a step back from being SO connected with “smart tech” and stripping down to the bare necessities.

For example, TV antennas are an affordable means to accessing free TV, helping households cut monthly costs while increasing the amount of content available (with little upkeep required)! We were thrilled to see that WSJ featured our Mohu Leaf Plus Amplified TV antenna in their list of the top eight pieces of gear that makes the case for a future of less-connected devices.

After all, less is more, right? Free broadcast television has been around for YEARS and so many people still don’t know that they can access network television, like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW, PBS and more for FREE! All you need is a TV antenna. Watch breaking news, live weather and hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, The Masked Singer, Survivor, the Bachelor and more without any streaming services, subscriptions or internet. Strip away all of the complications and get back to the beautiful basics.

Thanks again to The Wall Street Journal for shining a light on the simplicity of TV antennas and how they can help connect you to the world without any fuss.