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Untangle.TV Used by Over 40,000 People to Cut the Cord

What is Untangle.TV?

We launched Untangle.TV just four months ago after hearing from countless people that they want to cut the cord but feel overwhelmed by the process. We recognized that the desire to cut the cord is a no-brainer, but actually taking the step to do so can feel daunting.

From not knowing if you’ll be able to watch all the content you love to watch to confusion about the ever-growing list of streaming services, and do you need a streaming box or an antenna or whatever else. It’s a lot. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

That’s where Untangle.TV comes in – it’s essentially a cord-cutting app. In a few short steps, it helps you figure out exactly how you can cut the cord.

Fortunately, people are starting to catch on that it can be made easier thanks to Untangle.TV. Even the Washington Post highlighted it as a key element in the cord cutting process.

Untangle.tv inquires about all of your viewing habits and then recommends the hardware and software you need. –Washington Post

Untangle.TV Usage So Far

  • More than 40,000 people have taken the simple steps to cut the cord using Untangle.TV.
  • 265,000 shows and channels have been selected by Untangle.TV users.

Cut the Cord with Untangle.TV

If you’re considering cutting the cord or know someone who’s on the fence, head on over to Untangle.TV. Once you’re there, you’ll just need to answer a few quick questions, select your TV shows and channels you love to watch.

Then voila, the cord-cutting app will spit out a customized recommendation of the most ideal streaming services and devices needed to watch everything you want to watch without traditional cable or satellite TV.

Yes, it’s that simple. And we’ll even give you a breakdown of how much it’ll cost you upfront and per month compared to your existing pay TV bill – most people end up saving around $100/month.