Mohu antenna box as featured on WNCN

Local CBS Affiliate WNCN Visits Mohu HQ to Talk Cord Cutting

We enjoyed hosting reporter Steve Sbraccia from our local CBS affiliate WNCN here at Mohu HQ a few days ago. He and the fine folks at WNCN recognize that cord cutting is real and an HDTV antenna is a key component to watching the TV you want to watch once you’ve cut the cord.

With so many alternative ways to watch TV, millions are cutting the cord and many are going back to the TV antenna.

It’s true. A recent study shows that an estimated 15 million US households are now using an indoor our outdoor HDTV antenna. And with traditional Pay TV providers enduring two consecutive quarters posting record subscriber losses, the cord cutting movement gaining steam.

Cutting the cord can be as easy as installing an antenna – WNCN

Check out the video below and enjoy the awesome story Steve and team put together on cutting the cord.

Steve offers tips on picking out the best antenna for your location, correcting misconceptions about cord cutting, and how to get even more content beyond what your antenna offers.

Besides your free over the air channels, you still need to figure out how get channels like HBO, ESPN or other premium services.

That’s where Untangle.TV comes in.

Moral of the story? People wanting to cut the cord have plenty of options. And we’re here to help make it as simple and affordable as possible!