New Roku OS, Amazon Fire TV Edition TV Good for TV Antennas

Roku and Amazon are putting the TV antenna at the forefront of their latest smart TV OS developments, showing confidence in cord cutter desire for free TV.

Why an HDTV Antenna is Better Than Pay TV, Streaming

An HDTV antenna is the best way to enjoy broadcast networks, with no monthly fees, fewer limitations, and better picture quality than pay TV or streaming.

Cord Cutting Steadily Increasing, Easier than Ever

The number of people cutting the cord is steadily on the rise with 2017 delivering the worst Q1 losses ever for traditional pay TV providers.

Untangle.TV Used by Over 40,000 People to Cut the Cord

So far, more than 40,000 people have used Untangle.TV to cut the cord, selecting more than 260,000 shows and channels to watch without traditional pay TV.

Dissatisfaction with Pay TV Companies a Bipartisan Issue

Ever open your cable or satellite bill to find your rate has skyrocketed? Plenty of pain points unite Americans in their dissatisfaction with Pay TV.

How many free TV channels can you receive? It could be over 100

The top 10 cities in the US have an average of 80 free TV channels available over the air using an antenna. How many channels can you receive in your area?

How To Decide Which Live Streaming TV Service Is For You

Can’t decide which live streaming TV service is for you (if any)? Here’s a comparison of channels from Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now.

PlayStation Vue Channel Additions For Cord Cutters

Are you a cord cutter who wants more entertainment? Add a PlayStation Vue Channel add-on to your Vue subscription or enjoy a budget-friendly standalone.

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