What is Cord Shaving?

As we approach Thanksgiving, not everyone is ready to go “cold turkey” and totally cut the cord from their cable or satellite TV provider. And that is one of the great things about over the air (OTA) TV. The signals are there, free, patiently waiting for when you’re ready to give them a try. Use our TV for free tool on our website to see what channels are available in your neighborhood.

free tv, tv for free, hdtv antennaSo if you, or another member of your household, absolutely HAS to have cable, that’s ok. We don’t judge. We suggest you try an incremental strategy. Try a indoor antennas on one TV. Maybe the guest room TV. Or maybe the one in the kitchen that you only use when watching Good Morning America with your coffee.

Once your Mohu antenna is up and running and you are watching beautiful, free, HDTV on your kitchen TV, call the cable or satellite company and cancel service to that TV. Their customer service reps will use all sorts of tactics, incentives, and gimmicks to try to maintain their service on that TV. But be aware that whatever you agree to will probably involve a 12 or 24 month contract that is very expensive to get out of.

Wait a month or two. Enjoy your free TV and the savings in your cable bill. Look around your home and see if there are other TVs (and other viewers) that could survive and thrive without cable or satellite. Consider how much money you would save by reducing your cable or satellite service even more.

Want to see what you can watch Over the Air? Go to our TV For Free Tool and see whats available in your area.

And that, current and future Mohuligans, is cord shaving. Contact us at support@gomohu.com for more information or click here to learn about our latest antenna, the Curve.

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