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I've cut the cord, now what?

How I Helped My Parents Cut the Cord

Earlier this year I set up my parents so they could cut the cord. Already they had cut their cable TV package down to $22 a month, paying only for local channels. My parents do not watch very much TV, and when they do, they watch local channels.  For the…

I've cut the cord, now what?

Top 5 Things I Discovered After Cutting the Cord -

The only shows I wanted to watch live, I could watch over the air for free.  

When we realized 90% of what we watched was days old fromthe DVR, we asked ourselves, “Why are we paying $110 a month just for TV?” Cable channel shows are freely available on services…

Mohu Black Friday $20 Gift Card

Get Your $20 Mohu Gift Card & Enjoy Black Friday All Week!

Here at Mohu, we’re incredibly thankful for so many things: our amazing team, our awesomely loyal Mohuligans like you, and the ability to bring the joy of free TV and savings to so many folks who cut the cord.

To show our thanks, we’re offering you a $20 gift card…

Watch Classic TV Shows & More with Antenna TV

“Over-the-air television programming that brings the family together, Antenna TV is treasured by cord cutters for its commitment to nostalgic shows that can be enjoyed by everyone.”   Antenna TV showcases classic, family-friendly TV programs and introduces fresh,…

How Much You Overpay for Cable vs. Mohu (INFOGRAPHIC)

We all know that cable is overpriced and that cutting the cord can save you hundreds of dollars. But just how much more does that cable subscription cost you? Costs of Cable vs. Mohu Antenna The average low-tier cable package costs you about $65 per month, or nearly $775…

5 Reasons People Still Pay For Cable (but shouldn't)

Do you or someone you know suffer from “spending too much money on TV services you don’t actually need”?

This may not be recognized in the DSM-5, but the question remains nonetheless. Too often we hear horror stories of people who are spending far too much cash on…

What is Over-the-Air DVR? Cut Cable, Not Convenience

Sometimes the difference between keeping your cable subscription and cutting the cord comes down to the small things you have grown accustomed to. Some people like the ability to simply watch whatever’s on (channel surfing), while others like the ease with which they can…

5 Better Ways to Spend Your Money (Hint: Not on Cable)

Ever have one of those nightmares where you’re hanging on the ledge of a building and your grip gives out like Tony Romo in the playoffs? Most of us have. But here’s the scary part: the nightmare is very real for anyone with an ironclad cable contract. That…

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