TechRadar Mohu Arc Indoor TV Antenna Review

TechRadar Review: Arc Indoor TV Antenna

If you’re looking for a small but mighty TV antenna, look no further! TechRadar recently published their review of our Mohu Arc Indoor TV Antenna and we’re thrilled to hear the raving comments!

A few of the pros TechRadar pointed out included the surprising range for a small indoor antenna, the compact design and the unique, unobtrusive look.

“The Mohu Arc is a reasonably compact antenna design with impressive signal-pulling abilities. It’s small enough to be placed on a stand behind a TV, or mounted on a wall directly behind one, and is a good fit for suburban or urban homes.”

The Arc is easy to set up and the gently curved design allows it to blend in nicely to wherever you enjoy watching television. There’s no reason an antenna in your living room shouldn’t be both functional and decorative! It’s easy to install, simply connect the antenna, scan for channels and start enjoying TV that’s already free.

The multidirectional range receives broadcast signals within 40-miles with no aiming necessary. If you’re looking for a powerful indoor antenna that can be used tabletop or hung on the wall, and live in a suburban, urban or fringe-suburban location, this is the antenna for you.

Thank you to Daniel Kumin at TechRadar for taking the time to test out our Mohu Arc Indoor TV Antenna and helping to spread awareness of watching over-the-air, broadcast television LIVE and for FREE with a TV antenna!