Introducing Blade - Our New HDTV Bar Antenna

Cut through your cable bill with Mohu’s new modern bar antenna, Blade.

5 Reasons an OTA Antenna makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

With Christmas right around the corner, here are five reasons an over-the-air antenna makes the perfect gift.

Over-The-Air Antenna Placement and Reception 101

Successful over-the-air antenna placement for quality reception and optimum performance of your over air antenna is all about location, location, location!

This guide is all about helping you to find the ‘sweet spot’ in your home for proper placement of your…

70% of Cord Cutters Pay Less Than $30 A Month For TV

A recent survey at /r/Cordcutters, on reddit, showed over 70% of cord cutters now pay less than $30 a month for their video entertainment content. Since they canceled cable, 44% of those cord cutters pay less than $20 a month for all their video entertainment! (The…

How to Watch MLB Games as a Cord Cutter

Spring is in the air, the Madness has subsided, and now it’s time for that great American pastime known as baseball. Up until a few months ago, cord cutting baseball fans were left somewhat high and dry by Major League Baseball, as many of the broadcasted games aired on…

How to cut the cord with Sling TV and Mohu antennas

How to Cut the Cord with Sling TV and Mohu

There has been much ado about the announcement of Sling TV, which is a subscription-based streaming service that will allow you to watch live television for $20 a month.

People have hailed it as the answer to the prayers of cord cutters; and with the inclusion…

Why the Mohu Leaf is Awesome According to Cord Cutters

Most technophiles (especially those following a Mohu blog) know about the Leaf series of HDTV antennas. Need a refresher?

The Mohu Leaf 30 is the best performing, and most popular paper-thin antenna on the market. It’s what started the paper-thin antenna…

Networks Announce New OTA Shows

Over the weekend, the major networks announced what OTA shows will be renewed for the fall and which ones will get the ax. Most of Nielsen’s Top Ten such as NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Sixty Minutes, The Voice, and Blue Bloods have…

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